Truck export: saving on your shipping costs

Have you bought a second-hand truck that you want to export to a foreign country? Then you should know that the shipping costs often add up quickly. Your solution? Relying on the experience and expertise of Smeets & Zonen for the export of your truck. Because this will help you save on your shipping costs.

Trailer on trailer

Smeets & Zonen operates worldwide and organises transports from Europe to other continents on a daily basis. The export of your truck per ship is charged per running meter. If you let us handle the loading, your truck will be exported together with the trucks of other clients. We specialise in the loading of trucks, and we use the trailer-on-trailer approach. Thus, we limit the number of running meters and we divide the costs of the shipping between the different partners. The result? You pay less.

Protected against theft during transport

Do you have a truck with a lot of hardware in the dashboard? Then you will be interested in the extra service we offer you. As hardware is sometimes stolen from dashboards on ships, it is not a luxury to protect it. Therefore, if you wish, we can protect your truck, cargo and parts during export by, for example, welding the dashboard shut and safeguarding the parts. This way, you are assured that your truck will reach its destination fully intact.

Would you like to rely on the expertise of Smeets & Zonen for the export of your truck? Please contact us now.