Motor oil for warm regions: custom advice

Did you buy a European truck for use in tropical regions? Then you should keep in mind that a lot of oil for sale in non-European countries is of very poor quality. Using oil of a lower quality to lubricate your engines can cause considerable damage. Therefore, we advise you to opt for the tropical ‘smz’ oils. Because they will keep your truck in top condition. Our oils have been tested thoroughly and they have been awarded all the European certifications. Moreover, we offer you oils at the best possible prices. This is reflected in the return of many satisfied customers.

Higher viscosity

Motor oil sold in Europe is intended to be used in European temperatures. European oil is too thin for the engines of trucks driving around a warm continent. Thus, it is better to use oil with a viscosity adjusted to the high temperatures when driving in tropical regions. That means thicker oil. The result? Optimal lubrication is guaranteed in warm weather.

Customised advice

You can also buy good motor oil abroad. But unfortunately, not in many places. Therefore, if you want to maintain your engines properly, it is better to buy your specially formulated tropicalised oil in Belgium. Thus, you are assured of the best performance in warm temperatures and the maximum lifespan of your truck. The experts at Smeets & Zonen are happy to give you advice.

Would you like to know which motor oil you should use in tropical regions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Smeets & Zonen for customised advice.